How It Works

Explore events

Check out a variety of sports, concerts, and festivals. We've got hundreds of events in the app and something for everyone!

Pick your plan

Explore a variety of sports, concerts, and local events. Go to the big game one night and then a comedy show the next. With hundreds of events, there's something for everyone. Decide how many events you want to go to each month. Don't worry, you can pause or cancel anytime. 

Reserve your tickets

Find an event you want to go to. Tap to reserve a ticket with your Event Credit. That's it! Can't make it? Cancel just as easily. 

Coordinate with friends

Link your ticket with other INWEGO members to sit together, or buy a Guest Ticket.

Your questions answered.

How many events can I go to each month?

The number of events you can go to depends on the plan you choose when joining INWEGO. Pick the option that best fits your lifestyle. Plus, you can change your plan anytime! View our plans here.

We also offer “On The House” events to our members randomly throughout the month. These events are free and do not take away from your membership’s monthly plan.

How do I get my tickets?

Everything you need is in the INWEGO app! You can find all your tickets, including Plus One and Guest Tickets, there the day of the event.

When you get to the event:
• Open the app.
• Click on the event you’re at.
• Tap “Check In” to receive your ticket.

What kind of seats will I get?

Seats can range from upper level to lower level and are assigned at random. When you reserve your ticket or when you check in does not impact this! Our members tell us that upper level tickets are expected with their membership, and lower level seats are an exciting surprise. Also, a lot of our events don’t have assigned seats— general admission concerts, food festivals, comedy shows, etc.

How far in advance can I reserve tickets?

You can start reserving tickets 5 days before each event.

You can also use your GoRewards points to grab tickets 10 days in advance through Early Access.

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